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Продажа и обслуживание кондиционеров. Санкт-Петербург.

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Conditioners ProHolod Companies in St. Petersburg


Our company sells high-quality air conditioners from the manufacturer at competitive prices in St. Petersburg. Company ProHolod — Official dealer of HVAC equipment. You can use the catalog on our website to choose a model that is suitable to you in performance and price. The whole wide range of systems, in the catalog, is on its own stock, so you do not have to wait long for delivery conditioner. Payment for work performed by the fact and does not require advance payments and bank transfers.
We approach each of our customers individually, helping him to select the desired item, regardless of the proposed purchase amount. Manager to work with clients carefully and thoroughly prepared to answer any questions and give advice with respect to each of the presented models. All information on the technical characteristics and cost of products present in the catalog that, if desired, will allow you to choose the appropriate type of system.
One of the most popular brands in the global air conditioner market is Mitsubishi Electric. This producer has paid much attention to the quality of the goods produced, so that the choice of this brand you can count on excellent system performance and high durability — with the correct operation of Mitsubishi air conditioning will serve you for at least 10 years.
Gree brand products have won awards at the world competitions, are also worthy of your attention. Rich choice of the manufacturer catalog offers a wide price range — from economical options to very expensive models. We should also mention the filtering system in air conditioning Gree, as she copes with the problems in the city. Filters of this equipment effectively clean the incoming air and even cope with a hit small foreign objects, such as poplar fluff, so that hinders us in the summer.
When choosing a reliable and economical device for the office or a country house we recommend to pay attention to the model of the brand Haier. Over the past few years, this manufacturer has become a leader in technological innovation, accented on the health of the user and the environment clean. In our catalog you will find a large number of models, which are suitable for ventilation of small dwellings.
Our staff will help you to choose the air conditioner that meets all your requirements, and our specialists will conduct the installation of equipment in your home or office.